Frozen Motion

Slovenian photographer Samo Vidic first came up with the idea of using mirrors to create something special a few years ago. His initial intent was to use this technique for shooting swimmers underwater, but he ultimately decided to try snowboarding instead due to the greater flexibility in the range of angles. His inspiration has brought a new and unique perspective to snowboarding photography.Learn more

Photos by Samo Vidic


The mildest winter for years meant that he had to wait until the end of January for that perfectly snowy night; but finally the snow came, and he was ready to get going on the project with the help of snowboard standout Marko Grilc…

Working with a team of 10 people – assistants, videographers, lighting crew and construction specialists – Vidic started preparing the set in Flachau, Austria at around 4:00 pm on the day of the shoot, with the intention of kicking off shooting after darkness descended around 7:00 pm. Finally, complete darkness surrounded them, and with a beautifully shaped superpipe, the mirrors in place and fresh powder everywhere, Vidic was convinced: “This is just a perfect night!”

Despite his optimism, that first night wasn’t without its problems. As the temperature dropped faster than expected, some flashes failed and the mirrors began to freeze over. The crew wasn’t able to get them properly clean throughout that entire night; and to add to the difficulties, one of the videographers broke a rib and had to leave the location.

Even so, after many hours of bitter-cold conditions while trying to freeze Marko in that perfect position, Samo finally got the first frame he was truly happy with. A real winner of a shot!

The second night of shooting took place in a park higher on the mountain, which meant hauling all the equipment up from the initial location and then rebuilding the whole setup again. After moving the lot of it with the help of three snowcats, it took a further two hours to rig the mirrors and flashes, along with the lights for the video.

At last, just when everything was finally up and running … the snow stopped, making it necessary for Samo to shelve his original idea for a backlit snowflake shot. After considering the options, he and the team reworked the setup to create a new shot based around the stunt rails. Those images turned out to be the clear favorites of the shoot.

In the end, everything came together, and the results speak for themselves!

Behind the scenes

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